Marg Morris, Australia


Held 1st - 4th November, 2007


When the invitation came earlier this year to attend the first English speaking Cursillo of Cursillos to be held in Mallorca, an Island off the coast of Spain, I knew that I had to go. I knew that I wanted and needed to deepen my understanding of the Movement and what better place could I find to do this than Mallorca where it all began.

So I went with an open mind and an open heart, full of enthusiasm and eager to absorb, listen and reflect deeply upon my experience. I was not disappointed. No amount of words or theology can convey what I experienced. I now understand what it means to 'live Cursillo' because I lived it on Mallorca, together with many others.

The Mallorcan's LIVE Cursillo - they live the love, they live the joy, they live the freedom and it is very, very normal. Cursillo in Mallorca is in its purest form, not because Eduardo Bonnin our Founder lives there and will not allow any deviations. Cursillo in Mallorca is in its purest form because it is lived the way it is meant to be lived, in friendship which is the very heart of the Charism.

I am now beginning to understand how this friendship is meant to be lived and I've come back resolved to do all I can to learn more about and pass on this simple message that was in the mind of the Founder, because I know it works.

The Cursillo of Cursillos was held at the Hotel Antillas, which of itself was a witness, as there were more than 100 of us gathered together from all around the world for this unique experience

I wrote pages of notes on each of the talks and I include some of the points from each one so that you can share a little of what we reflected upon.
THE INTRODUCTION AND ESSENCE AND PURPOSE were given by Miguel Sureda, a Leader from Mallorca:


- We need fire in the heart to carry out the ideas of life
- Cursillo calls me to be myself, to go from doing to being, to go from teaching to learning, to go from looking for the Kingdom of God outside of me to looking for the Kingdom of God within me.


- The capacity for friendship, conviction and perseverance comes from the kernel of a person
- We are called to live the 3 encounters each day, grow in knowledge of the Good News, become the Good News, experience its vitality, share it in friendship.
Quote from JPII "The most important task is not to improve the world but to improve OURSELVES"

MENTALITY was given by Juan Ruiz, OMCC President

- The mentality of the Cursillo movement is the living and sharing of the love and friendship of Jesus Christ
- We are called to let loose on creativity - to not loose an opportunity to make a friend.
- God exist, is alive and offers friendship assists - when 2 or more friends gather in His name
- We must take into account the beauty of friendship

DANGERS IN THE CURSILLO was given by Carlos Munoz, a Leader from Canada

- Within the movement we are trying to do better what we are doing
- Some of our decorations are hiding Christ
- We are called to:

+ Work for the final judgement, not the clausura
+ Update the words NOT change the mentality
+ Witness to friendship because people are searching and looking for friendship

THE PRIEST IN THE CURSILLO MOVEMENT was given by Fr David Smith OMCC Spiritual Advisor:

- Vatican II called us to be a Church in motion, living out our Baptism
- Vat II recognised that a layperson could be given a Charism, and this Charism when shared with others builds up the Church, but is nurtured in the lay environment.
- The role of the Priest is that of spiritual direction
- Both in Liberation Theology and in Evangelization Programs, the Cursillo movement was used by the clergy to fulfil Church needs.
- It will be detrimental to the church if there is a drift to clericalisation of the movements
- In the ecclesiastical system we must make sure that the church at large understands out charism

LEADERS was given by Juan Aumatell, a Leader from Mallorca:

" A leader accepts to be fully Christian in the world
" I am a leader of my own life
" We can be better as we make the journey together

Natural Qualities:

A leader
" Knows the ideal and knows the reality - God talks through the juggler, the poor, the children
" Is daily aware of the gifts God gives us
" Goes from downfall to downfall without loosing enthusiasm (Churchill)
" Has a sense of humour - is full of joy with oneself
Being a Christian, supplies the house and illuminates it with light

Supernatural Qualities:

" The world does not believe in God and says "show me your God'
" We can do this in friendship by our peace, our love, our joy
" God does not choose to remove me from life, but to awaken me to life
A leader awakens the hunger for god in others.

LEADERS SCHOOL was given by Sheelagh Winston, a Leader from Canada:

- Belonging to the school does not make me a leader
- A leader has a natural personality
- Everyone is free to enthusiastically offer their gifts

A Cursillo Leader in the School of Leaders:

- Will be a living witness of the charism

- Deepens their friendship with a group of friends

- Lives the Cursillo method in the marketplace of everyday life

- Is vital to the movement

The School of Leaders:

- Is a school of listening not of teaching
- Is called to think with the mind, serve with the will, and to love with the heart.

PRE-CURSILLO was given by Juanma Tallada, a Leader in Mallorca

- This is the most essential part of the movement
- It is like a persons DNA - God loves us "God is in the middle of us", a driver of our life
- Make sure that the ingredients we put into the Cursillo are always the same

o God (The best news that God loves us)
o Friendship (by the best means)
o Person (the best in the person)

THE CURSILLO was given by Miguel Sureda:

- The least important of the Cursillo Movement is the 3 days
- It is important that the Far away are on the weekend
- The Retreat Phase makes room for the truth which will come

o 1st Day - Why am I here? - The Encounter with self (friendship with self)
o 2nd Day - Encounter with Christ (friendship with Christ)
o 3rd Day - Encounter with Others (friendship with others)

- Friendship is an attitude for life. They are our FRIENDS - not candidates
- Friendship is important, always
- How do we want to portray our friendship?
- We must build the bridge that friendship is important to us

The only theology in the lay talks is our lives.

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