Marg Morris, Australia


Held 1st - 4th November, 2007


SECRETARIAT was given by Juan Ruiz

   Secretariat is the least important aspect of the Movement
   It only exists to preserve the identity (DNA) of Cursillo
   It guides, informs and is there to serve, serve, serve
   We are the 5th Gospel and speak with our lives in today's world, with the language of love

Responsibilities of Members:

   Stay updated as a leader
   Be in love with God and what he is doing through the Cursillo Movement
   We need to know the people we serve within our own diocese/where they are with God and with others

ULTREYA was given by Guillermo Dezcallar, a Leader from Mallorca

   An invitation to come and see
   Meeting together as friends to share our faith
   Leaders who have interiorised the living out of joy and friendship
      The 3 Encounters take place at the Ultreya
   Encounter with others - the Group Reunion (30 mins)
   Encounter with self - An experience shared in the witness talk (20 mins) + back up by others (10 mins)
   Encounter with God - meeting before blessed Sacrament (in our hearts) 30 mins - Prayers, Our Father,

      De Colores (sung)

Cursillo is a never ending conversion process.


GROUP REUNION was given by Juan Ruiz:

Group Reunion is a group of friends who form themselves and who meet regularly to share and grow in their faith

   A group reunion supports you every step of the way. It is

o A message - that God in Christ love us, translated to
o Friendship - that is the best of each
o Person

THE FOUNDATIONAL CHARISM was given by Eduardo Bonnin, Founder of Cursillo Movement

   It is better to know how to believe than to believe that we know
   Every person has four corners in their interior; truth, good, friendship and contemplation. When a person is

      living in truth, that person becomes the truth and opens up to contemplation
   When these four corners have been covered and taken to their full potential, and we make known that we

      have understood the message, we have understood that Christ calls us to a great task-to make visible to

      man the tenderness of God
   If we do not have friendship, our interior never unfolds and we cannot be at the service of what the Lord

   Cursillo needs to serve, to open up the eyes of Christians to awaken those who are distant from the Church.
   Cursillo wakes us up to the 3 Encounters, the circumstances of our lives and the tenderness of God
   What Cursillo means to do is to make known the Christian message-unadorned and without additives that

      only complicate it.
   God loves sinners more than he loves the righteous
   We need to understand that it is a great joy to be part of the return of these people to Christ. Those who

      have gone astray need to return to the arms of Christ. And they need to return by seeing His tenderness as

     we manifest it in the love we have for each other.

As I've already mentioned, I have pages of notes. The above are just some of the gems that were shared with us during our 3 days. It was a joy to have Eduardo with us each afternoon. He is older and has suffered much over these last years with some ill-health. He began his presentation in Spanish with a translator nearby, but this was difficult. When it was suggested that he continue in Spanish and we would be given the translation in English at the conclusion, his eyes sparkled and he came alive and was very animated. He speaks the language of love, the language of the heart and you know that Christ is his friend. He is filled with joy.

Eduardo has met with the same group of friends in reunion every week for many years. He attends Ultreya weekly and his presence is, to a certain extent, taken for granted - why wouldn't it be. He is always there, he shares with whoever he wants. and it is all very normal, very natural The Ultreya we attended following the Cursillo of Cursillos was attended by over 200, and this was not a special Ultreya, it was the Mallorcan's weekly Ultreya. It was all in Spanish, except the Group Reunion at the beginning, but it didn't matter. The Ultreya was exciting, encouraging and full of joy. We were friends who came together to experience the 3 encounters once again and language was not a barrier.

Those of us who attended the Cursillo of Cursillos from Australia can say we know that authentic Cursillo, the way it is lived in Mallorca, really works. Sheelagh ended her talk on the School of Leaders with, "GO HOME ON FIRE, ENTHUSED, ENCOURAGED, ON FIRE. BE A NUCLEII OF THOUGHT AND SEEK THE BEST, KEEPING THE FLAME ALIVE," and that's just what I intend to do

by Marg Morris, Australia